Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The first donation to the Sichuan Kaspersky 1.2 million yuan in cash

May 13, Wenchuan County in Sichuan Province that suffered heavy losses due to earthquakes, the number of stars Kaspersky immediately decided by the joint Red Cross Foundation of China (hereinafter referred to as Red Foundation of China) 1.2 million yuan in cash donations to the disaster area, this procurement and for emergency relief supplies to affected people in resettlement, so as to help the disaster areas through the first difficulties. In order to withstand future emergencies arising from natural disasters brought about the humanitarian disaster, Kaspersky will work with the Chinese Red Foundation established a special Disaster Relief Fund Kaspersky.

Beijing Kaspersky Deputy General Manager Xu said at the donation site, "a difficult one, P Plus support" is the traditional virtue of Chinese nation, but as a presence in China four years of Kaspersky, which has become China's information The main members of the security industry, in terms of relief duty for the Kaspersky company. Therefore, in the Sichuan region after the disaster occurred, Kaspersky and contact number of the Chinese Red Star the first time to discuss aid in the IMF, the two sides decided to donate 1.2 million yuan in cash the first batch of disaster relief funds, will be the reconstruction process in the future and increase network security and other areas, including assistance efforts.

Kaspersky and Digital Star common appeal to all distributors, partners, and regional customers a helping hand, by setting in the Chinese Red Cross Foundation, the Disaster Relief Fund Kaspersky special fund-raising account for disaster relief in Sichuan and make its own contribution to the reconstruction efforts.

Chinese Red Cross Foundation to relevant sources, Kaspersky and digital sky donations have been received, the Red Cross long-term concern for Kaspersky development of Chinese society, and made for the public good thank selfless dedication .

It is understood that as the world-renowned Kaspersky anti-virus vendors in the information security industry to promote the rapid development of China, but also will pay attention to people's livelihood as their business mission. November 2006, Kaspersky for the Chinese education sector to implement a "genuine concern about universal education," the donation, the same year in December, the face of our strong earthquakes occurred in Taiwan, earthquake emergency special offers Kaspersky Key to solution of the urgent needs of users.

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