Friday, October 15, 2010

Cisco Crusade battle with Hewlett-Packard launched in China

The face of harsh economic situation in 2009, emerging markets including China, IT giants such as Cisco's key strategic markets through the crisis.

May 8, 2009 Cisco announced by Commerce Minister Chen Deming and Vice Minister Ma Xiuhong, China's leading mechanical and electrical trade and investment cooperation during the visit to the U.S. delegation, Cisco actively involved in a series of important Sino-US trade and economic cooperation activities, respectively with China Telecom, China Mobile and China Construction Bank signed a well-known enterprises such as China in 2009, the importance of cooperation framework agreement. Under the framework agreement, Cisco will work with the three companies in the data products and services to continue development of friendly cooperation, to provide industry-leading data networking equipment and services.

"The economic crisis and not the same as in 2001, but the economic rebound is the end of this year or early next year, Who knows, anyway, we (the Chinese market invest 16 billion U.S. dollars) will not change the commitment , but also speed up. "April 17, at Tsinghua University," Cisco Joint Laboratory of Green Technology "and the establishment of the ceremony, Cisco chairman and CEO John? Chambers says.

Chambers's visit to China in just ten days, Cisco is the signing of the rack with China an agreement the three companies, so people really felt the Cisco specific attention to the Chinese market. In fact, China has become the fastest growing Cisco in 2008 as a market.

In an interview, Chambers had explained the emerging market potential. "Emerging market countries have most of the world's population, most of the consumption and most of the growth. Including China and India, emerging markets have accounted for 20% of Cisco's total revenue, in the near future, this ratio is very may be increased to 40%. "

With the use of Cisco's data center servers and network equipment of 鑱斿悎 computing system (Unified Computing System) business Dagui Mo presence in China, the Chinese market, the Fu Wuqi of the fierce struggle for Riyi, it is obvious, HP has become in China Zhuyao Jingzhengduishou Sike . Like Cisco, Hewlett-Packard will also develop the Chinese market as a major driving force is the company and important new markets, as early as August 1, 2003, HP ProCurve Networking Business Unit entered the Chinese, and announced that Founder Century as its general agent in China.

HP ProCurve Network Business, general manager of worldwide sales and operations Mark Thompson said: "Hewlett-Packard HP ProCurve network is becoming a business beyond the traditional four fifth-largest business, we continue to attach great importance to the growth of the Chinese market, willing to take the best networking products to the Chinese customers and help them build strong and competitive network infrastructure, to provide them with more choices. HP ProCurve network is the world's third largest supplier of networking products. in Australia and the United States, we have become the second largest network products provider. HP ProCurve networking products with excellent engineering design, real life security service, and because product uses open standards, can be used to ensure that in any environment. "

The Cisco and China signed a framework agreement the three companies, one analyst says: This is for the server, storage and networking products packaged for sale to major suppliers, will be a major battle. At the same time, it means that Cisco will work with HP in China to launch a new round of fighting. The face of Cisco's large-scale strikes, do not know whether it was ready to face Hewlett-Packard?


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