Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ministry of Information Industry, Dalian today on the AVS will determine the acceptance of IPTV comm

Sina Technology News October 9 news source disclosed that Ministry of Information Industry made today will be in Dalian on AVS audio and video codec technology demonstration at the IPTV application system on the acceptance, if acceptance is likely to be truly comprehensive start Netcom Internet use AVS in its IPTV standard, China Telecom will also follow up.

Dalian pilot began to acceptance

AVS Since China has independent intellectual property rights, foreign standards to avoid the substantial royalties has been great concern.

It is reported that Vice Minister of Ministry of Information Industry Lou Qinjian personally participate in the inspection. Dalian, China Netcom's AVS-IPTV deployment of a demonstration system built in the beginning of this year, has been stable for more than half a year to run, well prepared for the acceptance, estimated by inspection no problem.

Currently, AVS industry chain has been established, many well-known companies have been involved. According to reports, the current AVS encoder chain has three companies: joint source, SVA, Envivo (United States); have Spreadtrum, Long grain and the United States and other chip makers Broadcom; another Changhong, Hisense, ZTE, UT Starcom , Chaoge, Long Jing, SVA, Yau TV, Huawei, TCL, Spreadtrum offers terminal manufacturers such as more than 10; AVS provider with Agilent and other test instruments. However, participation is not clear concrete manufacturers in Dalian pilot what.

銆??鐭ユ儏浜哄+琛ㄧず锛岀綉閫氬凡鏄庣‘锛屽皢鍏ㄩ儴閲囩敤AVS鏍囧噯杩涜IPTV鐨勯儴缃插伐浣滐紝濡傛灉澶ц繛璇曠偣楠屾敹鍚堟牸锛岄櫎鏈潵IPTV鏍囧噯灏嗚偗瀹氶噰鐢ˋVS锛岄櫎鍝堝皵婊ㄥ锛屽叾浣欏湴鍖虹殑IPTV绯荤粺涔熷皢鍗囩骇鑷矨VS銆?Previously, Netcom IPTV system has made it clear when tender, all the system equipment are required in the future be able to upgrade to AVS.


The next step will be used for security monitoring


銆??鎹倝锛孉VS宸茬粡鍦ㄧ敵鎶ュ悎瀹夐槻鐩戞帶鏂归潰鐨勫浗瀹舵爣鍑嗐? Specific situation is that by the AVS Working Group Secretariat, security alarm system with the National Standardization Technical Committee of serious discussion, and other units from the Ministry of Public Security led by the Institute made the first video surveillance needs, AVS working group has begun to develop appropriate standards for security monitoring needs of AVS and security alarm systems in the country Standardization Technical Committee and the National Information Technology Standardization Technical Committee's support of the declaration of national standards. (Yin Dao)


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