Friday, March 11, 2011

Mocha further prosecution of the North Tower "Nine Questions" cocoon

Recently, the North Tower Software has released an article entitled "North Tower Software Mocha on the infringement question nine companies" article, the article in the North Tower with a very straightforward language Mocha protect their rights on a comprehensive question, while continuing to Mocha is accused of Rights of speculation. For the North Tower of the many doubts, Mocha software, today held a special press briefings, also invited a number of industry-leading media in the conference, and activists to conduct a detailed explanation.

As we all know, early in October this year, Mocha experience of their products because of suspected plagiarism, and will work with vendors and the North Tower to court. Initially, the Mocha software to non-named published an official statement means. Why non-named for the way, Mocha software Zhong Ping, Deputy General Manager, said: "Out of respect for and protection of those involved, our company adopted a non-official statement released in the form named, is intended to alert the industry, promote fair competition. However, we can not accept that statement 1, North Tower, directly to the Division I characterized as acts of legitimate speculation Rights, for such a ridiculous allegation, we can no longer bear patiently, only to issue a statement once again clear that the Division I the object of litigation for the North Tower. "

It is because of the North Tower of this practice outright, Mocha directly to the court "case acceptance notice" in the form of a statement issued screenshots. So far, the official North Tower suddenly silent, but constantly through the media insinuating accusations Mocha Rights in the hype. Until early December, the North Tower was through the media that the prosecution against their corporate reputation Mocha and has been placed on file in the court, while with the case did not make any disclosure of other information. Immediately following the announcement, it is no longer below the North Tower, has been so far.

At the same time, in view of the North Tower of speech and expression here, Mocha has already begun to make an additional claim of the plan, but taking into account the increase in new claims court and submit new evidence of limitation has expired, and Mocha decided to drop the be prosecuted. Just at this time, the North Tower on December 25 and then to "9 Q Mocha" form, issued an official voice. And accused the Mocha "four noes and one not" (no call, no explanation, no clarification, no apology, all right).

For the North Tower of the "Nine Questions", GAO Zhong-ping said: "This statement is totally unreasonable, even ridiculous. First of all, Mocha software may be against their own interests, to take the legal means to protect their rights that practice is normal and legitimate, is understandable, we do not need any person other than the court, any agency of any description, but do not make any clarification on any company with an apology; Second, Mocha is not the withdrawal of foreign informed , the primary consideration has been speculation the ground before the other side to attack us, in view of this, we used to avoid each other again, and has adopted a low profile and Tolerance attitude, but the other side we have the patience to shift as a symbol of their powerful This is ridiculous, and also is the disdain. "

Zhong-Ping, Mocha withdrawal is not to give up rights protection, on the contrary, not only will not give up Rights mocha, it will increase the claims and efforts to increase rights protection. In particular, progress in the course of this case, the North Tower of the number of irresponsible statements and actions already on the goodwill of Mocha causing serious injury, which further strengthened the confidence of Mocha continue to defend their rights. Based on this, taking into account the increase in new claims and new evidence submitted by the deadline, in full communication with the legal profession, the Mocha software decided to drop the prosecution will be present, Mocha has collected sufficient evidence, then Mocha will interface on the North Tower concerning alleged plagiarism and inappropriate comments after the North Tower adverse impact on the Mocha be investigated.

For the North Tower in the "9 Q Mocha", the accused Mocha's to create a "court of public opinion," "above the law," "distorted" and other statements, GAO Zhong-ping said: "This is not based on, can not stand live foot. mocha reiterated Mocha All Rights acts are based on a high degree of similarity between the two interfaces based on the expanded, Mocha did not have any business with any personal attacks, but do not involve above the law. As the industry standardization of legitimate businesses, Mocha know what to do, not what to do, but any attempt to infringe rights Mocha, fish in troubled waters, the purpose for doing nothing and are all futile, it is intolerable to Mocha . mocha defenders not only will not give up, it will increase the intensity of Rights, is now, the future will be like this! "

In addition, North Tati to the Mocha against the issue of its corporate reputation, high-Zhong Ping, said: "Prior to North Tower in the media, the date of this news release, our company has to prepare for active responding, and look forward to the Court of justice decision. But until today, I do not know why, our company has not received the Division I North Tower prosecution 'against its corporate reputation' legal documents related to the case, but considering the company will not easily take any legal problems as child's play Therefore, we have been not that we do not receive the relevant overseas law but is still awaiting the court's notice. but the North Tower on the matter already danced to this, we feel angry. "

Meanwhile, the high-Zhong Ping Ban jokingly, asked: "If there really hype Mocha meaning, it seems more should choose HP, IBM vendors such as objects, it is easier to become famous overnight, but there is no need to choose a small domestic manufacturers. North Tower from the beginning of the unlatched facts regarding the word about whether the alleged infringement, to continue to attack first, now Mocha is speculation, then Mocha 'against its corporate reputation' grounds of anti-reported Mocha, and to end Division I drop the question, we really do not understand the company's North Tower, what is the real purpose of this? "

"No matter what happens, as a standard IT solution provider, Mocha software in line with 'international technology, localization services, customer first' philosophy, will always continue to provide sustained, stable, safe, high quality services, with their unremitting efforts to develop China's software industry to do its part. "Zhong-Ping last made such a stress.

Description of the meeting in Mocha, Mocha Hou Jun, director of software products also involved Mocha BSM interface, the interface with the North Tower BTIM did a full explanation and comparison. According to him, Mocha business service management dashboard interface and an automated early warning mechanism for handling the incident as the core, truly to CMDB as the core of the operation and maintenance system for the establishment, operation and maintenance will help IT staff faster, more accurate treatment of accident to help IT managers set up a department from accident to accident settlement and the formation of experience and knowledge of the operation and maintenance mechanism, this mechanism can be tracked, can be found, can be controlled. The Mocha BSM host real-time dynamic operation interface is largely enhanced human-computer interaction. Which products to increase the deployment wizard-style configuration, drag-style mode of operation, visualization management system, to create personalized work space applications and other key features are due to human-computer interaction considerations.

Not difficult to see, this involved a visual management interface Mocha BSM host real-time dynamic operation interface is Mocha software breakthroughs in many aspects of human-computer interaction point. The deceptively simple UI interface, but from the unique design concept and product design system, the interface shows a different way will also have a very different user experience.

From this, the industry has been hit more than two months, "Mocha North Tower of the dispute", it seems only just begun. Not only because of the further prosecution of mocha, but because the North Tower of the "guerrilla" tactics. Appears in the press, as with the vendors and everyone seems to focus on products should be technology innovation, product marketing, corporate brand sublimation on. After all, the market is an objective reality, regardless of "reference" or "speculation" worth mentioning are unable to achieve a qualitative breakthrough.

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